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Our profession is not only to design furniture, lights and ashtrays, but is about solving problems with a strong analytical mind. This mind can also be applied to teaching, architecture, decoration, graphics, photography, film … The danger is that a designer becomes a specialist.
For example, the Eameses did four or five major steps in furniture design an then realized that they probably wouldn´t do much more. They then concentrated on education, films and installations. This type of designer is much rarer - and these are the best. I think we all agree that is so refreshing that there is nothing like big-city cynicism in these two. They are not exhibitionists, but good, honest, decent people. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if decency were important in becoming a good designer? No cynicism, no clever-cleverness … Those kinds of designers have their fifteen minutes of fame, but the history of the discipline will honour the descent contributions over the witty ones.
Rolf Fehlbaum in "Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec - Works", London 2012, p.153

Curriculum vitae Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Peter Karle
* 1957 in Oedheim / Heilbronn

professional career:

architectural studies at the Technical University of Darmstadt
student assistant TU Darmstadt, department
Construction and Project management, Prefab and Industrial Building, Prof. Hansjakob Führer
student assistant at the office of
Eisele+Fritz Architects, Darmstadt
own practice together with Jürgen Usleber, Weinheim/Bergstraße
collaboration with
Eisele+Fritz Architects, Darmstadt
collaboration with
Funk und Schröder Architects, Darmstadt
assistant professor TU Darmstadt, department
Construction and Project management, Prefab and Industrial Building, Prof. Hansjakob Führer
since 1987
own practice as an architect, registered member of the Architectural Association Hesse / Germany, Membership-Nr. 9666
Villa Massimo, Rome
own practice with Ramona Buxbaum
Architekturbüro P.Karle / R.Buxbaum · Freie Architekten · Darmstadt
at the University of Siegen, Department of Architecture, Chair Design and Construction in Existing Contexts
director of the masters program
Design and Construction in Existing Contexts
since 2010
own practice
Peter Karle · Architekten, Darmstadt
chairman of the architectural advisory board of the City of Siegen
since 2010
numerous lectures and serving on many architectural competition juries

focal points in research, teaching and practice:

design and construction in existing contexts
projects in public space and in landscape

Peter Karle · Architekt

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