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Coffee Bar, Mauritiusplatz Wiesbaden

title: Mauritiuspavillon „Café Central“ Wiesbaden

purpose: construction of a pavilion with catering facilities for 75 guests

Mauritiusplatz Wiesbaden

client: Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mauritiuspavillon GbR

project: 2004

building time: 2004 - 2005

structural engineer: Dr. Keller, Darmstadt

The construction of the Mauritius Pavilion was prompted by the desire to transform the so-called Bellwinkel firewall into an attractive square façade as part of the redesign of Mauritiusplatz in Wiesbaden (see project no. 109) The realised building contributes significantly to the revitalisation of the square with its use as a café, especially in the summer months, and, despite its relatively small dimensions of 7 x 19 m, has an urban scale as the edge of the square. The narrow glass pavilion stands as a mediator between the historic buildings on the edge of the square and the new department stores' façade.
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