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Landmark and Observation Tower near Flörsheim-Weilbach at the Weilbach gravel-pit

title: landmark and observation tower at the Weilbach gravel pits

purpose: landmark and observation tower

location: Frankfurter Str. 76, 65439 Flörsheim-Weilbach

client: Regionalpark RheinMain Pilot GmbH, Flörsheim-Weilbach

project: 2009

building time: 2012

height: 41,00 m

structural engineer: ProfessorPfeiferundPartner, Darmstadt

In addition to its function as a vantage point, the structure also has the express purpose of being a landmark that is easily recognisable from afar as a reference to the ensemble of nature conservation centre and visitor centre at the Weilbacher Kiesgruben regional park the largely flat landscape on the outskirts of residential areas, the tower is intended to be a landmark and symbol for the ideas associated with the RhineMain regional park.the overall shape of the observation tower is designed as a large figure that suggests associations and interpretations in the field of natural forms, but without being an oversized plant or animal sculpture. The aim of the design is to keep the possible images in the viewer's imagination so open that various interpretations are possible, for example that of a bud, that of flower petals or similar.

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